Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Old Van vs Armadillo

First you have to understand that if you live in certain parts of the United States, there are armadillos.   Then you have to understand about armadillos.  They are armored mammals, which works for them when they are up against predators.  It doesn't help much when they've wandered into the highway in front of a vehicle traveling at highway speeds.  

They also have short little legs and very poor eyesight.  They seem to like to waddle along the side of a highway.  You can see the inherent issues.

Occasionally you will see a live one hoofing it down the shoulder of the road, but for the most part, the ones you see near highways are relatively flat.  However, live ones are out there, chugging along on their short little legs.  

There never really was an Old Van-Armadillo standoff.  The armadillos moved faster.

But there was this time that the Old Van ALMOST zipped by an armadillo.  It was on a downhill slope, and the van was gaining.  But then, there was a little rise in the landscape, and the van lost momentum.  And slowed down.  And the armadillo drew even with the van and then veered off into the desert.  Low, cheating armadillo!  Play fair, you!!!  

I think that at night when it slept, the Old Van dreamed about that encounter.  It almost got the drop on an armadillo.  And if the armadillo hadn't cheated, it might have.

Seriously, nobody thought Old Van was going to hit an armadillo, did they?  Good grief, no.  Hippie vans are very peace loving.  And also, it was very possible that running over an armadillo could cause an old VW bus to tip over.  

This is all.  Next time, I promise to make up a better story.

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Julie said...

We all have dreams about the one that got away...