Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Phil!

Meet Phil! He's cute, he's single and he likes my knitting.
I'm not sure what he is.  there was some felt laying around...and then there was Phil.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

To Boldly Go Where None of His Kind Have Ever Been

In which  Guy has an epiphany and becomes a bold climber of trees and haver of adventures...

It started on an ordinary day...Guy woke up as usual , waddled over to the computer and checked his messages. As always, there were a few. He was invited to shop for inexpensive perscription drugs, but this didn't interest him. A friend had sent him a warning about toxins in shampoos. Guy wondered why his friend had done this. Clearly his friend lacked a good picture of Guy's needs. This same friend had given him a hairbrush for his birthday. Guy had begun to wonder if indeed this WAS a friend.

He sighed.

And then, it came to him. A vison. All at once, and crystal clear, as these things so often appear. He knew that if he wanted to have friends who really knew and apprieciated him, he would have to waddle off the computer and get out there and Do Things.

And so he climbed a tree. He felt rejuvenated and restored. The air was clear, the sun was warm upon his felty little body, and his beak tingled with joy.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cowl Love

How many reasons are there to love a cowl?  Let me count the ways.

We won't mention I'm also somewhat plagerizing a classic poem.  

(Hey!  You in the back.  Yes, you.  I said we would not be mentioning that.  Sheesh.  Sit down now.  Thank you. )

Now, where was I.  Right.  Deep into cowl love.  

And to think, until recently, I'd never made one.  Scarves yes.  Knitted ones, and crocheted, and even some sewed from polar fleece.  But.  No cowls.  No idea why not, as I'm constantly knitting socks.  Basically, a cowl is just a big neck sock.  

(What?  You again.  No, cowls don't have toes.  You're very clever to notice that.  Say what?  Because necks don't have toes, either.  Well aren't you observant.  Sit down now.  Thank you.)

Big neck socks - yes.  On larger needles, more stitches, but in the round.  Just like the cuff of a sock.  So fun, so easy, so...well...socklike.  And I love socks.  I'd been a  cliff dweller from an ancient culture, it would have had to be a culture that did socks.  Because I love them that much.  And cowls are so very, very similar to the part of socks that I like the best - the cuff and leg. The fun part, where you can really enjoy the pattern, before the techy stuff starts happening for the heel turn.  Not that I am against heel turns.  It's just kind of a bump in the flow.  Cuffing along so smoothly, and then, gotta shift to another mode.  Sometimes my brain makes the transition, sometimes, not.  Either way, there's none of that with cowls, because indeed, my helpful friend, necks don't have heels. 

Annnnnnnnnd,the very best part?  You only have to make one of them.

Sure, if you love the pattern, you can make several.  Share 'em with friends, spread the love.  But.  You don't need to, because, yes, my persistant pal, as a rule, we humans do have only the one neck.  Yes, your doggie, also.  Kitties, too.  Sit down now please.

And cowls are delightfully cuddly.  Snug or in a looser fit, they are warm and comfy.  I love cowls.