Saturday, January 25, 2014

Passing the hours blog style

Do ever pause to ponder how blogs pass the time when their human isn't actively writing in them or posting photos to them?

Do they whimper pitifully and make sad puppy eyes?

Do they just sigh and hunker down to wait it out, sure that you'll come back SOME time?

Do they sneakily make up posts on their own when you aren't looking?  (Hey, I read back a ways in my blog, and there's no way I wrote some of that stuff.  No way, man.  I think the blog did it.)

I think mine probably has a rich life of the mind, developed over the large blocks of time when I wander off and don't toss it many little tidbits to nibble.

(It likes multi-sylabic words the best.  I've heard it emit small burps when I get all sylabic.  Do you ever get sylabic?  Is that even a word?)

Most of the time, I just magine it as being all curled up on a one of those high class pet beds, eating bonbons and doing whatever blogs do.

How about you?  Do you imagine what blogs do?

(Bonus Cozy points for making rhyming comments.)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Tea wisdom

So lately, I've been drinking Yogi tea.  It's great stuff - herbal and healthful, and each package comes with information and illustrations for how to a yoga stretch or meditation pose.  My current favorite Yogi tea is Chai Rooibos, which reminds me of Mm'a Ramotswe in the Number One Ladies Detective Agency novels.  She's a big fan of rooibos tea, and also of seeking positive wisdom and balance in life.

So it's all good.

But that's not all! 

Besides yummy tea with excellent health properties, each teabag's tag has a wee saying printed on it.  Some of them are really uplifting and thought provoking.   I have one here that says, 'When ego is lost, limit is lost.  You become infinite, kind and beautiful.' 

I like that. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chugging Eagle

Chugging Eagle is no more.

He has gone to his eternal rest in the great eternal resting place of  his kind.

But before he went, he had a good and full life.  He spent his days peacefully, swimming, resting, eating, ruffling his plumes and probably doing a  bit of pooping as well.  What fish do. 

Because that's what he was.  A peacefully swimming, resting, eating, plume ruffling and sometimes pooping fish. 

And he did those things with verve and elan.

Because he was a Beta, and they look as if they deserve $5 words.  Which, with inflation and all, are probably worth about $17.50 by now. 

But the sad day came when Chuggling Eagle pointed his little toes to the sky, and he was laid to rest in the manner of his kind.

We won't speak much of this because Chugging Eagle was a small fish.  And we know how they are swirled out to sea (or somewhere watery) with a great rushing sound to commemorate their passage.

RIP, Chugging Eagle.  You will be missed.  (As long as we remember you.)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Artsy in the DNA

There seems to be this universal thing among people who craft to see something that would be soooo amazing to use in...something.  You may not know at this moment exactly WHAT...but... you know for a fact that you NEED IT.  If it's at the craft shop, or laying on the path by the road, no KNOW it's perfect...for...something. 

The whole aspect of what/how/when you'd use it is totally beside the point. YOU NEED IT. And so you get it and carefully store it,'d be crazy not to...and starts to draw more things to itself.  And so it goes.

One day I plan to write a how-to book about this phenom.  It'll explain to those who aren't 100% sure how to tell if they have the Crafty Gene.  (Simple answer:  if you have to ask, you don't.)  But I'll stretch it  out further than that so the book is worth the money. 

If I do this well, I'll time the book publication to coincide with the launch of my new line of storage containers.

I need to get this all underway quickly, before a pile of yarn or fabric topples over and devours my tabl...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

In Which Cozy Writes in Her Blog

Ten days into the new year is a great time to try for a resolution, don't you think?

Not so pushy as those people who start resoluting before the new year even begins.  Not so slackardly as those people who talk about resolving and don't.
Just right, as that awesome arbiter of Just Rightness says.  Yes, this would indeed be Baby Bear, and aren't you proud of yourself for getting the right answer!

(Of course you are.  Groove on it.)

Don't immediately fritter all that rightness away by assuming that I'm here to SAY something.  What.  Did you think I was going to resolve to write more?  Oh, sweetie.  You so do not know me.  Writing happens or it doesn't.  There is no discipline here.  Just me. 

So, let's have a nice photo of minion hats and bid everyone a lovely new year.