Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chugging Eagle

Chugging Eagle is no more.

He has gone to his eternal rest in the great eternal resting place of  his kind.

But before he went, he had a good and full life.  He spent his days peacefully, swimming, resting, eating, ruffling his plumes and probably doing a  bit of pooping as well.  What fish do. 

Because that's what he was.  A peacefully swimming, resting, eating, plume ruffling and sometimes pooping fish. 

And he did those things with verve and elan.

Because he was a Beta, and they look as if they deserve $5 words.  Which, with inflation and all, are probably worth about $17.50 by now. 

But the sad day came when Chuggling Eagle pointed his little toes to the sky, and he was laid to rest in the manner of his kind.

We won't speak much of this because Chugging Eagle was a small fish.  And we know how they are swirled out to sea (or somewhere watery) with a great rushing sound to commemorate their passage.

RIP, Chugging Eagle.  You will be missed.  (As long as we remember you.)