Saturday, January 25, 2014

Passing the hours blog style

Do ever pause to ponder how blogs pass the time when their human isn't actively writing in them or posting photos to them?

Do they whimper pitifully and make sad puppy eyes?

Do they just sigh and hunker down to wait it out, sure that you'll come back SOME time?

Do they sneakily make up posts on their own when you aren't looking?  (Hey, I read back a ways in my blog, and there's no way I wrote some of that stuff.  No way, man.  I think the blog did it.)

I think mine probably has a rich life of the mind, developed over the large blocks of time when I wander off and don't toss it many little tidbits to nibble.

(It likes multi-sylabic words the best.  I've heard it emit small burps when I get all sylabic.  Do you ever get sylabic?  Is that even a word?)

Most of the time, I just magine it as being all curled up on a one of those high class pet beds, eating bonbons and doing whatever blogs do.

How about you?  Do you imagine what blogs do?

(Bonus Cozy points for making rhyming comments.)


Pretty Knitty said...

I do wonder what my blog does
When I am away...
It seems that it should feel depressed
On my no-blogging days,
Yet, when I return to write again,
Whether it's me or the cat(s),
I've never once heard it even try to say,
"I've mussed you," or Welcome back!"

This leads me to believe that the blog is heartless...for whatever that's worth. :)

Julie said...

Blog? I have a blog? Oh, yeah...

"Twisted Strands" has undoubtedly dies of neglect,
Ignored, abandoned, gone up to heaven.
Its owner clearly has some sort of defect,
Since her last post was on 7/17/11.

That is all.