Sunday, November 28, 2010

Z Turns One

Meet Z.  He's one year old, and as his shirt says, he must rock.  He can dance, he can play the beat box, he  has talent - and he has some lovely teeth.

Hummm...kind of chewy.  Interesting texture. 
I'm THIS many!
We're # 1!
Waiter!  Bring that candle back, please!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cozy Feels Random (So what else is new?)

Today my 7 going on 43 year old granddaughter, explained to me that one of her dolls had just sold her dollhouse to another of the dolls.  It was a great price for the buyer doll.  She didn't even have to use her savings. Which was good, because there was a lot of stuff she needed to fix up in her new place.  So today was moving day for New Owner Doll.  She got all her stuff moved in, and it just wore her out.  Moving can be pretty stressful, but beyond that, all the dogs in the neighborhood had barked all night and so New Owner Doll had not slept well at all.  When Miss Girl said it was okay if I took a peek into New Owner Doll's  bedroom, I saw that she was zonked out with the blanket over her head. 

In case you're wondering what Former Owner Doll is doing now, she's decided to travel.  She took some of the proceeds of selling her house and bought Barbie's Palomino and was last seen riding off into the sunset.   (I think Barbie and Ken have been downsizing.  Ken might have lost his job in marketing and they may be needing to cut back.  Selling a few of the horses would help - the upkeep, feed, vet bills, stabling and so on - it adds up.)