Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shooting Your Own Feet

It's a serious issue for sock knitters.  You've painstakingly crafted this gorgious and arty little gem of wooly perfection, and now you'd like a photo.  Of course you would - it's only natural.  But...how?

Taking a picture of your own feet is challenging.  Maybe it wouldn't be so tricky if you simply had some kind of wonky urge to record the marvels of your own feet photographically.  (If this is the case, please don't contact me cuz I don't want to know.  Really.)

But to really showcase your adorable new socks...'challenging' may be too a weak word to adequately describe it.  The issues are many.  There's the "Just how white are my legs, anyway?" question.  There's the "But I completely suck at yoga" position. 
And just where does one go to find a fun/charming/attractive backdrop without garnering a lot of funny looks. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you suppose the Anasazi wore socks?

If I were an Anasazi, this could be home.
It's warmed by the sun, protected from the wind, and although you can't see it from this direction, has an amazing view.  Actually, this direction is kind of an amazing view, too, although it would be business as usual for the Anasazi.

"Yup," the Anasazi would say.  "That be home.  That's where I live.  Y'all want to scoot up that ladder and join me for tea?"

I'm going to assume they steeped herbs to make various infusions - they may not have called it tea, but you know.  Same diff more or less.  They made fabulous pottery, durable and beautifully decorated.  They farmed in the plush green valley below their lovely highrise condos.  They had a nice life here in this canyon.

I've given a little thought as to whether or not I could become one.  "Anasazi" means "Old One", so I'm good there. I can do pottery.  The view is stunning.  If I can bring my knit socks, I'm moving.