Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shooting Your Own Feet

It's a serious issue for sock knitters.  You've painstakingly crafted this gorgious and arty little gem of wooly perfection, and now you'd like a photo.  Of course you would - it's only natural.  But...how?

Taking a picture of your own feet is challenging.  Maybe it wouldn't be so tricky if you simply had some kind of wonky urge to record the marvels of your own feet photographically.  (If this is the case, please don't contact me cuz I don't want to know.  Really.)

But to really showcase your adorable new socks...'challenging' may be too a weak word to adequately describe it.  The issues are many.  There's the "Just how white are my legs, anyway?" question.  There's the "But I completely suck at yoga" position. 
And just where does one go to find a fun/charming/attractive backdrop without garnering a lot of funny looks. 


Pretty Knitty said...

Haha, Coz! I am very jazzed about my fave foot foto...that I just tool of an FO...check it out at the blog if you get a chance...and, by the way, I think your crocs are sexyyyyyyy! lol!

sandrajager said...

Those are cute socks! Love that yarn!

I've never figured out how to photograph my sock projects either, and there is no one here to help me out. So I do the best I can....