Monday, February 25, 2013

Type Drawer

Those large, shallow drawers are amazing to play with.  All those little nitches are perfect for storing all manner of treasures - it's just a matter of deciding which treasures and how best to display them.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the old, brown typedrawer:
This one had been painted a flat brown when I got it.  I decided I'd go with a cream color for the update.

(The creative process: I had leftover cream colored paint.) 

My first thought had been to make it a jewelry holder, but the horizontal dividers are very thin and brittle, so I opted not to try to install hooks.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The way we were...

 One of the clippings tucked into my mom's favorite cookbook is this yummy and easy recipe for candies made with Nestle's Morsels and an array of optional additions - peanuts, coconut, Cheerios, raisins.  Nom.

It's a super fast and simple recipe.  I just made it today, for my sweetie - and also to share with the lovely neighbors who brought us a tray of Christmas goodies when I was too sick to reciprocate. 

The page was torn from a 1955 edition of Seventeen magazine.  I have no idea where my mom acquired this - in 1955, she was not in the age bracket to be a likely reader of Seventeen.  But it's one awesomely delicious recipe.   Boy is it ever.

Except...if you turn the page over, after you've made the candy and eaten...some...or half of it...or find a full page ad for the new Playtex girdle.  It gives you that French Look and the Freedom you love.  The small print says that after you've handwashed your lovely girdle, it dries so fast you can watch it. 

Wow.  For those days when you don't have any paint to watch dry, I suppose.  Whatcha doin?  Watchin' my new Playtex French Look girdle that gives me the Freedom I love as it dries.  And eatin' some candy...

The recipe
Melt 8 oz of chocolate (or other flavors if you desire) chips in a double boiler.  Add 3 Tablespoons of light Karo and 1 cup of the addition of your choice.  Salted peanuts are good, raisins, coconut, all excellent choices.  If you prefer to add cereal flakes or little oaty-os,  add 1/4 cup of Karo and proceed as directed.  Drop the candy mixture by spoonfuls onto a sheet of waxed paper and chill.  If you've been foresightful enough to first put the wax paper over a cookie sheet, it makes lifting the candy into the fridge a lot easier.  Makes between 24 and 30 candies.  It depends on how anal you are about having the candies look the same size, what additives you've used, and other factors I feel no desire to go into.  Final steps - eat, and then see if you can find one of those girdles anywhere, cuz Spanx won't do what you need after you eat all the candy.