Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I have a headache. 

My sinuses are claiming more than their share of space inside my head.  They have their own zipcode now, should anyone wish to write to them.  I don't.  I wish they'd go away.  Take a holiday.  A long one.  Somewhere far away. 

I have things to do.  Yarn to skein.  A new custom tote to sew. 

A life to live.

Which would all go more smoothly if this headache would pack itself up and depart.

I'm not going to slam the door on it, though. 

Too loud.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Trip into the Cozy Brain

(While you are on the ride, please keep your heads and hands inside the car, and remember that we are not responsible for accidents or injury.)

Various things which have occured to me recently:

1.  I used to keep my house so wonderfully clean that any one who would want to could eat off the floor.  No one did.

2.  Cooking disasters are only as bad as what you choose to call them.  An excellent name/title covers many sins.  (Pam, I'm talkin' about you!)

3.   If you are waiting for inspiration to arrive, you'd better bring your knitting.  You may be waiting a while.  Inspiration is like a cat - it comes when it feels like it, stays as long as it wants, and leaves when it's ready to go, regardless of how much you'd like it to stay.

At least it doesn't shed.

This is all for today.  Trips into Cozy Brain are intense and not for the very young or for those who might become dizzy.

Thank you for riding with us today, and remember to collect your belongings as you exit.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It is a mystery...

It's a first for me.  I have never before done a mystery knit.  Granted, I've made a number of mystery quilts and loved them.  But never a knitted mystery.  This is the start of my mysterious spruce colored socks.  I am enchanted!

A new clue appears every Wednesday, and I race to knit my way through the chart so I can see how it looks.  And then I do the second sock, so I'm ready for the next clue.

Which yields a second mystery.  I've knitted for a total of 2 days now, and have 2 half done socks.  Heels turned, and awaiting instructions that will surely include the gusset.  Never before in the history of  me as a knitter have I done socks  this rapidly.

Should I start doling out knitting instructions to myself one incriment at a time in order to inspire myself to quicker knittery? 

I'm also working on a pair of socks in the Embossed Leaf pattern.  I began them a year ago.  The yarn is incredibly lovely - clear blues and greens reminiscent of a Monet.  (Or  Manet. Whatever.)  The pattern is a pleasure to knit.  But here we are, 51 weeks into the project and I turned the heel of the second sock last week.   I'm nearly that far along on the mysterious pair after 2 days.  Why?  Is it because I've seen the pictures of the completed Embossed Leaf socks?  I know what's there.  A really lovely pair of socks.  Sooo....why am I not zipping through these just a wee bit faster than 51 weeks?  It is...yes, Virginia...a mystery.

I can't talk about this any more now.  I have to go knit a little more on my mystery sock.  The heel flap of Sock #2 awaits.  I could have a complete pair in two more Wednesdays of knitting. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Voila - Blocking ala Tink

It appears that Tinkerbell play mats rock it as blocking mats. Just the right size, and lots of 'em. And this is Multnomah, it all it's lovely greens, purples and golds.

The Tink mats are perfection!
But you have to use them upside down.  To do otherwise is just wrong. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cozy Gets Organized

The Pod People Invade the Coziverse.
Who is this organzied person and what has she done with the real Cozy?
Genre: SciFi/Fantasy

Well, here it is.  Evidence that someone has been:
1. Thinking
2. Planning
3. Hunting and gathering
4. Organizing

Because getting one's yarn together in seems wise.

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