Monday, September 20, 2010

A Trip into the Cozy Brain

(While you are on the ride, please keep your heads and hands inside the car, and remember that we are not responsible for accidents or injury.)

Various things which have occured to me recently:

1.  I used to keep my house so wonderfully clean that any one who would want to could eat off the floor.  No one did.

2.  Cooking disasters are only as bad as what you choose to call them.  An excellent name/title covers many sins.  (Pam, I'm talkin' about you!)

3.   If you are waiting for inspiration to arrive, you'd better bring your knitting.  You may be waiting a while.  Inspiration is like a cat - it comes when it feels like it, stays as long as it wants, and leaves when it's ready to go, regardless of how much you'd like it to stay.

At least it doesn't shed.

This is all for today.  Trips into Cozy Brain are intense and not for the very young or for those who might become dizzy.

Thank you for riding with us today, and remember to collect your belongings as you exit.

1 comment:

Pretty Knitty said...

Who, meeee? lol
I make meat mush!!! And I am apparently quite proud of it, too!