Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Which there is Whining

Unless you want to see a picture of the CD the tech gave me after my MRI, I got nothin' to show from my visit to the imaging center. 

Hammy has been unusally evil, and Doc sent it - and me, of course - off for an MRI.  If it develops that there is nothing highly evil going on, the next step is time with a TENs unit and massage.  I'm kind of excited about that.  Pain relief and massage.  Please!  Yes!  I want!

Otherwise....  The Unknown.  Do not like.  Do not want.  Am scared of.

And meanwhile, the hamstring is sooooooo tender and painful.  Gentle stretches hurt.  And day to day stuff is killer. 

Pushing the vac or sweeping is very uncomfy making.  When something drops on the floor, there it is.  I say to it, "Be at peace, annoying little widgit.  No one will molest you.  You may lay on the floor until I see if the kid down the road feels like coming over and picking you up."  The dropped widgit tends to just lay there and say nothing.

I can sew, but not for very long at a time.  Pushing the foot pedal results in a mild hamstring stretch.  Apparently living results in a mild hamstring stretch.

My little pal Gershwin

keeps me company and makes soothing little crooning sounds.  That's nice.  And my DH, the lovely, lovely man, drives me places, picks up stuff off the floor, and says Comforting Things.  (He can't vacuum, he has 2 bum knees.  Apparently we were not home when the guy from the Extended Warrantee Office came around.  We didn't get one.  It was a bad move.)

So just pet my head and tell me nice things.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And.....drum roll please...the socks

Here we go!  The yarns and the patterns are united and the Spring into Socks Club begins.



Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring into Socks Overachiever Sock Club

Here it is! My sock of the month club...for 18 months.  There are socks for me and socks for DH.

So there they all are, ready to be paired with their patterns and um...socked away.  For future reference.  Most of them are ready to go.
Oh, look.  One is trying to escape...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Into Socks

Ha!  I named my personalized use-the-stash sock club.  I named it Spring into Socks.  Um, cuz, you know, it's spring. 

(Wow, I originally typed Sock of the Moth Club.)

We could still have snow, but it looks springy.  I saw people in shorts today at Walmart.  (Is that not the official sign of spring?)  And the poor foolish apricots are blooming.  They have no brakes apparently.  It warms up, they bloom; it snows, there are no apricots.  This is a frequently repeated theme, so apparently apricots have short memories.  Which is fine.  So do I.   I forgot I was supposed to be writing about socks.

Now I named the sock club, I've been rounding up yarns and patterns.  DH pointed out that I'd rounded up only girly yarns, so tomorrow I'll dive back into the stash after some manly yarns. 
Meanwhile, here is a daffy-dill:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sock of the Month

Since it's now nearly the middle of March, it might be time to take the plunge and make my DIY Yarn Harlot style Sock of the Month kit.  Dig in the stash, set up the yarn and patterns for a full year of sockies and proceed.  This was my plan for late December. 
I didn't so much as look at patterns.  Now it's mid March.

Tomorrow.  Seriously.  Tomorrow will be the day I pick out the yarn and the patterns.  Really.  It will be. 

I need to have a yarnpal.  You know, someone else who knits and would hold me accountable.  Sadly, I do not have a yarnpal.  Well, not one who lives near enough to dope slap me when they ask about the sock of the month progress and I reply, "Huh?  Opps."

But tomorrow.  Really.  With pictures, too.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I just came across this photo while digging around in the CozyVault.  I'd forgotten about that moth and the size of it.  I wish there was something in the framing of the photo that conveyed the size of this beast.

It was huge. About the size of the palm of my hand.  And sure, I have small hands, but even so, that's a very large moth.

Check out the markings on its back, where it looks like it has a face.  See the bluish  'eyes'?  Does that help against preditors?

What the heck kind of preditor could eat this thing?  A hawk, maybe?  Would a hawk be scared of little fake eyeballs?  Why?  I refuse to believe it's protection against some other kind of bug because I don't want to know about  bugs that would be big enough to eat this thing.  (I don't care where you saw the palmetto bug, okay?  I refuse to hear anything about palmetto bugs.  Thank you.)

So anyway, I saw this thing and shot a snap of it - and ran home at top speed and threw myself over my stash to protect it. 

Because Mothra is still out there.  I couldn't bring myself to smash it.