Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flora in the Coziverse, Part II

 Flora was just blown away by the awesome size of these peapods she discovered. She shinnied right up the tree (shades of Jack and the Beanstalk) so she could check them out better.

Flora never takes that sweater off, BTW. I think there are treasures of great merit in the pockets. Her best crochet hooks among other potential plunder.

She also was impressed with the mums.  They're not really very big this year, but the color is very intense.  Flora shared some of her organic gardening secrets with me, but you already know I'm not going to follow them.

When she started talking about manure, I just tuned her out.  You know it's not like she's going to volunteer to shovel it.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let Flora's Wild Adventure Begin

Time: 12:02
Things are happening.

We observe the postal carrier trying to cram something into the mail box. Finally it succumbs and goes into the box. The postal carrier speeds away in a cloud of dust.  (She drove off in a sensible and appropriate way, but I ask you, what kind of story does that make?  Plus, there was no dust.)

Carefully Mr. Cozy proceeds down the road to see what the postal gal was wraslin' with.

"Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe," hollers Mr. Cozy. "For you."

Time: 12: 07

Flora gets acquainted.

And so it is that Flora has arrived, savely ensconced in her own personal LearJet. Okay, so it's a Priority mailer, but  Flora thinks she's traveling first class and I suggest we continue to allow her to think this.  She debarked down the skybridge...

... and into the Coziverse. 

Glad to be 'off the plane' and out in the fresh, clean air, she looked around.  Oooh!   Huge day lilies, her favorite!  She was very impressed with their  lovely color and size.
She seemed to be extremely interested in...well...the flora.  Hummmmm.....

But she also wanted to get acquainted with us, and of course, she wanted to meet the little creatures and Bunny.  She especially wanted to meet Meela, but she was nowhere to be seen.  Neither was Bunny.  This bodes ill.  Flora wanted to take a look at Bunny's hideout, just in case she, being sharp of eye, might spot him.

There was no sign of him.  Neither hide nor hare.

Flora took note of a kind of promising looking hole waaaay down there under the log that's under the mint that's attempting to take over the wood pile..

When Mr. Cozy pointed out that small holes in darkish spots could be full of toads or snakes, Flora decided she needed to go inside and freshen up. 

So she did.

Then she revealed that she had a treat for the small creatures.  Almost immediately, a small herd of them drifted over the horizon and carefully approached Flora. 

Quickly they decided she was a friend.  They gathered close, and  from her lovely blue bag, she brought forth heart-healthy snacks for one and all.  Flora's new pals, from the top left, are Derek (the larger one), and his son, Derek Junior, known as Bubba,   Harris, Nillo (the spotted one) and at the far right, Candace.

And this concludes the first chapter in the saga of Flora.  For those of you who have no idea what's going on, Flora is on a six month trek.  Her goal is to visit many locales, in a Flat Stanley Goes Grownup sort of adventure.

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