Saturday, March 5, 2011


I just came across this photo while digging around in the CozyVault.  I'd forgotten about that moth and the size of it.  I wish there was something in the framing of the photo that conveyed the size of this beast.

It was huge. About the size of the palm of my hand.  And sure, I have small hands, but even so, that's a very large moth.

Check out the markings on its back, where it looks like it has a face.  See the bluish  'eyes'?  Does that help against preditors?

What the heck kind of preditor could eat this thing?  A hawk, maybe?  Would a hawk be scared of little fake eyeballs?  Why?  I refuse to believe it's protection against some other kind of bug because I don't want to know about  bugs that would be big enough to eat this thing.  (I don't care where you saw the palmetto bug, okay?  I refuse to hear anything about palmetto bugs.  Thank you.)

So anyway, I saw this thing and shot a snap of it - and ran home at top speed and threw myself over my stash to protect it. 

Because Mothra is still out there.  I couldn't bring myself to smash it.


Julie said...

Yikes! Now I'm going to have "Silence of the Lambs" nightmares!

Heidi said...

Freaky! I hate moths. They get all flitty at the drop of a hat, and always seem to find their way to my face in the process. Wigs me out.

I will someday be buying a stash of your loverly sachets for my yarn drawers but, alas, the pocketbook says it may be a while.