Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some days you just need coffee

Have you ever noticed that some days just require a little extra jump-start? 

Sometimes it's a morning thing. Getting up and emerging from the nice comfy bed is akin to exiting the bear cave after a full winter of hibernation.  Sometimes we just have brain fail.

The brain says something to the effect of, "Don't call us.  We'll call you."

Coffee is needed.

It's the drug of choice among Clan Cozy.  Admitted.  Up front.  We do caffine. 

Early training sessions are good.


Julie said...

Definitely my drug of choice. Maybe all the caffeine is aging me prematurely, making me look like I qualify for a senior discount!

fairyhedgehog said...

I like caffeine too, but I prefer it int the form of tea.

I'm off it at the moment to try and help my CFS but my son's wedding is in just over a week and I'm going to be relying on cups of tea to get me through!