Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Any Nest in a Storm

The birds were not at home for the blizzard of '11. They're probably still in Yucatan, living the vida loca, which is good for them. I don't think they'd enjoy the sub-zero windchills, especially with no leaves to block the blasts even a little bit.

To my thinking, days like this are meant for staying indoors doing crafty stuff.  More on this to follow.  Meanwhile, I need to spend some time thinking about those birds, hanging out in Cozumel having mojitos and not freezing their little beaks off. 

Meanwhile, my sweety and I went out to celebrate Valentine's Day and discovered this lovely frozen fountain beside the restaurant. 
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Pretty Knitty said...

I would long for the time to design a spring line. . .but I would then fear the loss of my "day job," so for now, I will just rejoice and wait to see yours! Yay!