Saturday, February 1, 2014


This little tidbit, allegedly from an old sewing how-to book, keeps surfacing.
The sad bit is that people overlook the great advice in the first paragraph because of what comes next.  You should prepare yourself mentally for sewing.  You're going to be using potentially hazardous and usually expensive equipment.   And unlike knitting or crocheted projects, you can't just ravel away a mistake and have do-overs.
You cut that fabric wrong, and that's a done deal.
Good results ARE difficult when indifference predonimates.  True for pretty darn near any endeavour.
Please note that in the 1940s spirit of things, I used the word endeavour.   I don't know if I spelled it correctly, but there it is.  I used it.  Fits in so nicely with predonimates and lackidaisically.
But nobody notices that part.  They're all off about the poor chick needing to make herself attractive so she can be free of the fear that a visitor, or even worse, her husband, might drop by unexpectedly.   Making comments about her need to be powdered and lipsticked.  And to have her French chalk near to hand.  Making lots of comments about her French chalk.
In Ms. 1949's world, not everybody had a phone.  No cellphone, no texting, no FB, no face time.  Maybe not even a land line.  Somebody well might just pop in on her, and then spread the word far and wide that they went to her house at 10 a.m. and she was anything but pulled together.   There was no Twitter or YouTube, so people had to spread gossip the old fashioned way, but they got the  job done, you betcha.
I, my 21st century self, like to be neatly put together before I sew. 
Unfortunately, often once I've neatly gotten it together, I forget where where I put it.

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