Monday, January 13, 2014

Artsy in the DNA

There seems to be this universal thing among people who craft to see something that would be soooo amazing to use in...something.  You may not know at this moment exactly WHAT...but... you know for a fact that you NEED IT.  If it's at the craft shop, or laying on the path by the road, no KNOW it's perfect...for...something. 

The whole aspect of what/how/when you'd use it is totally beside the point. YOU NEED IT. And so you get it and carefully store it,'d be crazy not to...and starts to draw more things to itself.  And so it goes.

One day I plan to write a how-to book about this phenom.  It'll explain to those who aren't 100% sure how to tell if they have the Crafty Gene.  (Simple answer:  if you have to ask, you don't.)  But I'll stretch it  out further than that so the book is worth the money. 

If I do this well, I'll time the book publication to coincide with the launch of my new line of storage containers.

I need to get this all underway quickly, before a pile of yarn or fabric topples over and devours my tabl...

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Pretty Knitty said...

Well, apparently it takes me 4 days to see that you are back! Welcome back to the blogiverse!!! I do so hope that you will stay...may I offer a cuppa tea? And maybe a little catnip? :)