Thursday, January 9, 2014

In Which Cozy Writes in Her Blog

Ten days into the new year is a great time to try for a resolution, don't you think?

Not so pushy as those people who start resoluting before the new year even begins.  Not so slackardly as those people who talk about resolving and don't.
Just right, as that awesome arbiter of Just Rightness says.  Yes, this would indeed be Baby Bear, and aren't you proud of yourself for getting the right answer!

(Of course you are.  Groove on it.)

Don't immediately fritter all that rightness away by assuming that I'm here to SAY something.  What.  Did you think I was going to resolve to write more?  Oh, sweetie.  You so do not know me.  Writing happens or it doesn't.  There is no discipline here.  Just me. 

So, let's have a nice photo of minion hats and bid everyone a lovely new year.

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