Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to Make Some Plans

Posted by PicasaIt's half-past January, and I haven't made a single plan towards...well...anything.  It's all been about getting over the vile mocus that had me in its grip for nearly a month.  That and dealing with therapy for my poor, sad hammy.  It has a tear that I can't mend via knitting.
But here it is, coming up on a quarter to February, and I have done so little creative that I'm starting to wonder who this person is who seems to have moved in and stayed.  The draggy, tired one that limps and coughs until Bad Things Happen.  (Don't ask.  You really don't want to know.)

But I'm planning now.  See the nice clean notebook and the newly knitted pencil?  Time to foodle.  (Which means...???)