Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hunger of Dryers

It happened.

And then, it happened again.

My dryer ate half a pair of brand new dryer balls.  They were pink and purple and made laundry fun. 

 And then, a few loads later, there was one forlorn little dryer ball bouncing around in there all by its lonesome.

Where did the other one go?  No one knows. 

We looked in reasonable places and unreasonable ones.  No second dryer ball.  Nothing.  Not even little shreddie pink and purple bits.

The next set of dryer balls was bland and boring.  The dryer didn't care.  It ate one of those, too.

I think I heard it belch. 

1 comment:

Pretty Knitty said...

Bwaaaahahahahaha! As always, you have said it well. . .