Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Freeze Dried Pantry Plunder

Ohhh!  Our freeze dried foods are here! 

The containers are color coded - pink for fruit, like the fugi apples, green for veggies, and purple for meats.  It's all so good, and there's virtually no sodium involved in any of it.  Even the chicken is very low per serving.  This pleases me so much. 

(The little mylar bag is mushrooms.  The hubs no likey, so those are miiiiiiiine.  Aaaaaallllll miiiiiine.) 


Pretty Knitty said...

How much have you ingested? I am reserving all judgement until the taste-test results are in...

CozySpirit said...

We fell on the stuff like ravening beasts. It's fabulous. When you rehydrate it, it's exactly like fresh, only - no sodium, which is a big deal for us. And you can munch the stuff dry as a snack. Instead of fattysalty, you can get your crunch on noshing the apples in their FD state. Soooo good.

(And...can you tell I've posted this to you? I should pm you, LOL!)