Monday, May 6, 2013

Hitching Along

Here it is - the marvelous Hitchhiker! I'm about 35% done, based on weight of the remaining yarn, and it is so appealing.  This is one of those patterns that just really does demand you knit more than one.  but after this one, I'm going to step back and make 22 Clouds, using DK, just for a little change of yarn pace.  Funny how often I knit with fingering.
The scarf is displayed on weathered wood in the best of Regretsy fashion.  I always got a kick out of the way they'd offer you a photo of just a hunk of barnwood.  Here you go - photoshop your image on to it.  I should have made use of it.  Gots no barn.
(Regretsy is no more.   I suppose there really are only so many creative ways to talk about the same array of peculiar and offensive products/images.  Or call people out for their 'handmade' items purchased in bulk from Oriental Trader.)
Next up is a gratuitious yarn shot.  This is one of my last handdyes.  Lace weight merino, with a very mermaidy feel to it.  It looks cool and soothing and refreshing to me.  This is the 3rd up yarn in my 'make something next' cue.  After the Hitchhiker, after 22 Clouds is this.  I'm thinking another Martina Behm pattern, possibly Viajante.

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Pretty Knitty said...

Oooh! pretty hitchhiker! Have to look up 22 clouds...and mermaid yarn? You haz mermaid yarnz? Jeepers...soooo very cool! Good to see you in the blogosphere!