Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bunny sighting...

 Bunny has been spotted lurking around here and there in remote locations.

Is he waiting for his moustache to grow back?

Gershwin is still keeping a low profile, so I have a pretty good idea as to - well, not WHAT happened, exactly, but certainly who the agent of change was.

Bunny's been sticking to the really wild bits of the garden, where I think he feels as if he's blending into the woodwork.                                  Posted by Picasa
But hey...what IS that thing over his nose.  Aw, Bunny, it looks suspiciously like a fake moustash made out of a twig.  (It's in the wrong place, Sweetie.  Somebody should tell you.)

And Meela says not a word.  She's laying out catching a few rays.  The deal is, Meela doesn't exactly have skin.  You know, not really.  Not in the strictest sense.  So none of the usual concerns seem to bother her in the slightest.  She just likes being warm, and now that she's decided to just come to grips with her jiggly bits (Thanks, Niecy Nash!) she doesn't care who sees her plump little derriere. So there you are, Bunny.  You were rude and mean, and Meela and Gershwin have moved beyond it, and are living well...and you...  Well, you seem to be spending all your time hiding out in the wood pile or under the overgrown mint, hiding your little bald bunny face. 




Pretty Knitty said...

Well, Meela got over her lack of spanx rather quickly! But that bunny. . .there is something a little off about him, dontcha think?

Barbara said...

Hello there Cozy! I think you might need an intervention there for Bunny. LOL