Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Which Meela Shops for Spanx

This will be a brief post.  And no photos.  Meela was absolutely mortified to see the photos of her posterior.  She had no idea at all.

She's hidden herself away until the Spanx she ordered on line arrive. 

Bunny has been making annoying little remarks in a rather loud voice, and Gershwin is threatening to duke it out with him.  The next time Bunny makes some vaguely off-color comment that could be construed as pertaining to Meela's tush, he had better start watching his back.

Not a clue how this will play out between them,  but Gershwin is NOT happy with Bunny.  You know, if Bunny woke up tomorrow with a tat that said something like "Big, hairy loser"  I wouldn't say a word to Gershwin.

I'd say somebunny had it coming.

(Line for Maalox forms to the right.  No pushing, please.)


Pretty Knitty said...

I love the way I always spontaeously smile here! You should write books about these characters. . .the marketing seems to be taken care of already. . .

Dyeforsocks1965 said...

I totally agree with Pretty Knitty.