Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Return of the Native (Bunny)

 This morning, what did I see in the garden but our long vanished pal Bunny Nugget, back from exile. He had crept up very close to the house, much closer than he usuall comes, and it turns out he wanted to tell us he'd heard rumors that there was something scary living in the cellar. .

Now, in the past, the Bunster has been less than reliable, so we took that news with quite a bit of salt. But looking is free, and so we opened the hatch and  there was a Black Widow about the size of a walnut in there. Augh!

So Bunny was right, he saved the day, and he wasn't even snarky.

Can a new leaf have been turned?

His whiskers are back - regrown, and this time, in the right place. As must be his heart. It's very encouraging.

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Pretty Knitty said...

Spiders! Biting ones! Yikes! I am glad that you and Bunny made it out of there unscathed!

I'd send ice, but you'd only get water. . .sigh!