Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woo-hoo! Blocking mats!

Now that I'm a serious lace knitter (1 shawl down, 1 in the works), I realized I needed serious blocking mats.

So I could get some of those, or I could have Tinkerbell.

My dh, that lovely man in need of eyeglasses says, "Babe! She looks just like you!"

There are 16 of the 1-foot squares. Do you suppose that's going to be enough?

P.S. That's Shawl II down at the bottom of the photo.  It's my wack at the lovely pattern, Multnomah. (Always, always with my apologies to the designer for what shall befall their careful work once I get my paws on it.) It's Done Roving yarn - a souvenier from the first installment of DH's bucket list trip we took last fall. Anasazi dwellings and yarn shops. And a winery. Pretty ideal! 

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Pretty Knitty said...

Clever, clever Cozy! Now that I have copied your craftcult widget, surely I will have to get some "serious" blocking mats as well. . .? Thanks for the great ideas!

Dyeforsocks1965 said...

For my first lace shawl (still in the works) I ordered blocking pins. So far the carpet will still have to do as a blocking mat.