Tuesday, February 21, 2012

100th Project Slides By

I just realized today, as I posted Project # 104 on Ravelry that I had slid right past the epic 100 project mark.  Not only did it go past uncelebrated - I didn't even notice it.  Did not notice I was getting  into the upper 90s.  Did not notice when I was at 99.  Did not notice until now.  104.  Wow.
Of course, this is not by any means all of the projects I have made since I first began crafting, back in the Paleozoic Era.  (Those sabertooth tiger tooth needles were really awkward to manipulate, but not as awkward as getting them in the first place.)

Actually, it was posting a photo of one of my very earliest - and here-to-fore unhearalded knitting projects that brought me into contact with the fact that I'd crossed the 100th Project Rubicon without batting a lash.

That project was a bag knit from batik fabric - and that is it right there.  (Imagine an arrow, pointing right.)
The 'yarn' is made by cutting 5 yards of batik fabric into continuous 3/4 inch strips.   That was some fun.  The knitting of it is easy. It's just knit in the round and seamed on the bottom.  I added a lining, of course, and crocheted the handle rather than doing an I-cord.  It was a time when I did not know how to deal with - or even find, for that matter - DPNs.
It's kind of faded.  It's been in use for 6 years, and I'm just now doing its fashion shoot.  It was far more colorful originally.


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Happy Birthday, Alan!
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