Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Just Learned...

...that funny little arrow dealie on all the Amazon packages is supposed to be a smile.
Okay.  I'll smile back.  See?  Good-o.

...that you can knit some really, really cool things with very, very little yarn.  Wee-neesy hearts that take around 4 feet of yarn per each to knit  too cute.  And yes, I do mean four feet. 
And then, if you make a little length of
i-cord, you can sew the i-cord into a circle, and then you can sew the heart onto the circle, and voila - you have a cute little heart bracelet for small girls who like green. 

Or whatever color.  It doesn't take much yarn or much time. 

...that I really like cool-looking fun  projects that don't take much time.


 And if you knit a little herd of the little hearts, you can make a tiny headband for a baby. 

That's a lot of results for 8 yards of yarn.  And yes, this time, I do mean yards.
6 hearts at 4 feet each equals 24 feet.  So divide that by 3, and you get 8 yards.  Right?  Seems good.  I learned a long time ago that math isn't my best thing.

But I am really cute.  That helps.

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kyred said...

Haha...keep smiling. Love the little hearts. They are so cute.