Saturday, September 8, 2012

Squirrels and other hoarders

Squirrels are apparently very resourceful little guys.  I've never seen one eat fruit before.  This little fellow found a rock hard windfall pear at the base of the tree and apparently it was calling his name.  He picked up up horizontally, as if it was corn on the cob, and munched his way around it very efficiently. 

About 50 feet away from him is a pecan tree that is absolutely loaded, but apparently this is your new squirrel, the type that eats a more balanced diet that includes fresh fruit. 

Whatever.  I just hope he doesn't bury a bunch of pears for future reference.  For one thing, I don't need a pear forest. And if he remembers where he's buried them, he'll likely be sadly disappointed with what remains when he digs it up.

I've been hoarding all the little snips and snaps of sock yarn, like a dutifiul little squirrel, and now it's time to Do Something With Them.   Projects  so far range from small to large and several points in between.  Here we have garter stitch woolbling garnished with orphan buttons. 


More bracelets are in the works, garter stitched like the ones up there, and also some with i-cord and buttons.

We have the many-colored mitts of  scrap yarny splendor.

My current project is a herd of tiny hearts that will become a little circlet for Bebe to wear.  There'll be photos of those soon.

The biggest project of all is a mini-skein shawl.  Because I don't want to be a silly squirrel, hoarding all the goodies and then forgetting where I stowed them.  I want to knit them. 


Pretty Knitty said...

Love the bracelets! Hoping to get back to blogging again soon...I miss it! Love reading yours in the meantime!

Amy said...


Your bracelets are great. What an excellent way to use up bits of yarn and orphan buttons that you've squirreled away.