Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Which Organized Knitting is Discussed

Completely gratuitous photo of adorable children with fake moustaches.

I have come to the conclusion that the personalized Sock of the Month kit thing is an excellent idea for others, but not for me.  Because clearly, I do not do Organization.

Early on, I removed three of the original 18 sock skeins to knit as scarves or shawls.  I took one to make fingerless gloves.  I actually did knit 3 complete pairs of socks from that selection.  However, I knit more from other random yarns I met during the course of the year.  Most of the original Kit yarns are still in the Space Bag. 

To review the Yarns of 2011, I can safely say that I used a great deal of yarn and had a huge amount of fun doing so.  Things were knitted.  In fact, some things were even crocheted.   However.  Virtually none of them came from the designated Sock Kit Thingie.

The conclusion?  My organizational skills are...different.

This year, the plan is to knit as the spirit moves me, but with an eye towards using stash.  This has a good chance for success, as Stash is There.  When inspriation hits at 11 p.m., Stash is available.  It's like a 24-hour Walmart, except the yarn is better and I don't have to get dressed and put on makeup to go to it.  This could be a plan that suceeds. 

I also have more requests for hats this year than I have requests for socks.  Hats are better for instant gratification. 

And actually go knit something.

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Pretty Knitty said...

Haha! OBviously... Haha!
Can't wait to see your hats, and I totally agree about stash being better than Wal-mart on soooo many levels! :)