Friday, January 13, 2012

New Breeds

We've had some chat on my Rav group about new blends of yarn.  This is all based on a strangely worded sign, but you know, that's often how ideas happen.  There is a sequence of events and when the sequencing ceases, things are different. Think about dog breeds for a moment.  Consider the Schnoodle.  There you have it. 

First on the agenda: a blend of Merino and Alpaca.  Say there had been Something Funny Going On out at the farm. Somewhere there are now some little Merpacas or Paca-rinos running around, bleating and spitting and generally looking absolutely adorable. 

(How do you know who should get top billing in breed crosses??? Naughty Aplaca + Fence-Jumping Merinos = ??? I like Merpacas, personally.) (Can these animals actually cross polinate? Not sure I want to know.)

If you combined cattle with Cashmere, you'd have a Cashcow.  The male offspring of a  llama and a sheep would be a Ramallama.  A Corridale sheep plus a llama would be a dale-llama  (Don't say 'dale,' as in Chip 'n Dale.  Say Dah-le.  Now say llama.  If you aren't getting it, you must go meditate.  Preferably in Tibet.  Get it now?) 

Como se llama is one of a handful of things I know how to say in Spanish.  Means, how is your llama?

Angorafobia is the fear of rabbit fur.




Amy said...

Ok! Enough groaners!

I don't think what you saw was a Sasquatch cuz he's out here in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe it was an Alpacino. Or is that the actor?

Pretty Knitty said...

love (1000).
And my llama is fine.
Como se llama, yersef?