Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterst 1, Cozy 0

I have been attempting to dive into Pinterest, but apparently my ability to follow directions is nil.  So far, I have done...well, nothing at all.  My computer has told me a few rude things about my brain.  This has not helped. 

I have the page...I just can't seem to pin stuff to it. 

le sigh

I've gotten really intriqued by this form of architecture known as Earthship houses, which are both incredibly ecologically sound and insanely adorable.

I want to make me a page with info and sites about the outfit and the homes. I can't convince my laptop to let me pin stuff. 

I'd also like to make an Alan Rickman page, because I think the world would be improved if there were more Alan Rickman fan pages.

He seems to be extremely intellegent, very well spoken, very self-effacing and he keeps his personal life well away from the tabloids.   And he looks a bit like Mr. Cozy.  Really.  Would I joke about something like that?  Would I lie to you?  (Don't answer that.)

And I'd like to show off some of these uber cute antique postcards.  They knew how to do schmaltz in 1910.  Big time.

One of the thing that tickles me is reading the messages.  The front of the card is a gushy, flowery declaration of undying love and the message reads,  "Louisa's digestion is not improving."  I suppose they were the equivalent of text messages - just impart the news and get on with business.  Even if  the picture on the front of the card looks as if flipping it to the message space should reveal a proposal of marriage.

If text messages were something that could be preserved and saved for prosperity, DH and I would have zillions that read, "Where r u?"  We spend a lot of time texting in Walmart and Target.  Good deal we don't have to send postcards. 


Pretty Knitty said...

Texting in WalMart = classy 1910 postcard? NOT! But I do that to find Mr. Pretty all the time!!! (glad I'm not the only one)

Sandy said...

Adorable cottages and beautiful Valentines! And Alan aka Snape!
thanks for the eye candy! woo-hoo!