Thursday, August 9, 2012

Being Crafty

After determining that the quite awesomely pink micro-suede fabric I had stashed was indeed washer/dryer safe, I made two little blankies for Bebe.  One is DD's chosen focus fabric, the white and  black damask with Minky, and the other is the suede with Minky.   Pinky Minky.
I made myself a very cool shawl - the Afternoon Tea pattern from a recent Knitty - using stash yarn.  I called my version of this shawl 'Green Tea' and I like it quite a lot. 

And I dyed some yarn, aiming more for kettledyes that I can use in shawls.  Because I've discovered the zenlike wonders of garterstitch shawls.  Purling seems to be unhappy making for the carpals, so garter stitch is quite pleasing. Meditative, too.  And relaxing.

Additionally, I discovered the Yarn Blossom.  I love Yarn Blossoms. I'm not 100% sure I can break up that pairing to skein the orangey-canteloupey yarn.
Did an overdye of a yarn that had been dyed in short color sequences.  I like how this one came out - nice, subtle color changes and lots of gentle but deep shades.

It reminds me of the lilies that were in bloom last week, those crazy ones that have leaves only in the spring, and then in late summer or early fall send up a stalk with multiple blooms and nary a leaf in sight.

And this one that I call Aztec.  You know the lore - the golden treasures and all that.  These colors make me happy.  I want to make a shawlette using this yarn.  I haven't selected a pattern yet.  Getting there is half the fun, of course. 


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