Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The mania of cast-on

It's possible that I AM going to have to look at set days for posting if I'm going to stick to the twice a week goal.  Time goes too fast!  But not yet.  For now, I will remain with my personal fave - randomness. 

I really enjoyed the Ravellenic Games, especially the Cast-on event.  Now that's some fun, especially for the easily distracted.  You cast on,  knit 33% of an item...and set it aside and cast on a new thing.  I basically went until I began running out of needle options.  I got a total (I think) of 24 medals in the 'games' (ha!  more than Mr. Phelps, AND I did not have to get wet!), although not all were in the Cast-on Trap Shoot.  Fortunately.  I now have a LOT of WIPS to complete!  I did some smaller projects, such as the leftover sock yarn mitts, and some larger ones, like the (hand dyed by moi) garter stitch scarf. 

 And we got to see that the Baby Bowl indeed works beautifully.  DD wanted one for use as a photo prop, and it turned out to be really cute.  This is not our upcoming Bebe, but rather a quite handsome model, posing quite contentedly in the cocoon.  Look how precious the tiny backlit toes are! 

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